Hot Wheels Centric is the ultimate place centering everything Hot Wheels! Based in Alberta, Canada the Hot Wheels Centric website is owned and operated by Hot Wheels enthusiasts. It all started when we walked into our friends house and to our excitement we seen Hot Wheels everywhere; on walls, above doorways, boxes, plastic totes and much more! That was it, we were hooked! I’ve always had a passion for supercars (especially exotics), so why not collect the tiny cars we grew up with, allowing me to have multiple that I enjoy.

Our mission is to not only share our journey with anyone interested in Hot Wheels but to connect with each and every one of you. There are so many unique collectors that range from children to adults, exotic to classic, and everything in between!

Get READY! Get SET because we want to connect with all of you as we can share this passion together from little to real life cars. Now COLLECT all those Hot Wheels you enjoy, and share your dreams with us!

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