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Advertising Opportunities

Sponsored Post: have your product or service covered by one of our staff writers. The post will be published on the site –, just like a normal post but it will clearly be labeled as “sponsored”.

Sponsored Instagram Share: reach our 60+ Instagram fans in a photo update. This of course with include an image as well as a short description. This sponsored Instagram share will be clearly labelled as ad.

Sponsored Facebook Share: reach our 10+ Facebook fans in a status update. This can include an image as well. This sponsored Facebook share will be clearly labelled as ad.

Sponsored Tweet (Twitter): reach our 10+ Twitter followers in 140 characters or less. The tweet can include an image as well. This sponsored tweet will be clearly labelled as ad.

Sponsored Video: reach our fast growing 10+ YouTube audience via sponsored video review. This video will be clearly labelled as sponsored. Sponsored videos do not guarantee a positive review of your product.

Giveaways, Sponsorships And Contests

If you would like to sponsor Hot Wheels Centric or come up with a way for us to run a giveaway/contest with your companies product or service, we would like to get in touch with you and make this happen!

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