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The Street Wiener (GTC84) is a Treasure Hunt found in mix “B” of the 2021 Hot Wheels mainlines. It is 2/5 in the Fast Foodie series and 41/250 in the mainline set.

The Street Wiener features a brown hotdog in a yellow bun with ketchup and mustard for toppings. A black opened BBQ-shaped spoiler that can be opened or closed and a silver spatula on the front of the car. A “Speed Dog” graphic with the famous ‘circle flame’ Silver Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Flame in red and orange decorate the sides of the bun. The car has yellow rims with red AeroDisc wheels, yellow interior and an unpainted metal Malaysia base.

This vehicle is the second hot dog car made by Hot Wheels making its first debut in 2017 in the HW City Works series, designed by Ryu Asada and Neal Smith. HOT DIGGETY!

Street Wiener 2021 TH

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